Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The King of Salads....Do the Louie!

      What's the cure for REALLY HOT summer weather?  A great seafood salad.  By salad I mean the King of Salads, the Crab Louie. This incredible dish combines the best of fresh ingredients, creamy scrumptious dressing, and the 'Star of the Show'....fresh Dungeness Crab. 
      We came back from the beach several days ago with the local temps creeping into the 90s and beyond.  Unless we wanted to dine out every night we had to come up with an alternative.  I suggested salads which are cold, delicious, and not uncomfortably filling.  Our first night we did a fresh shrimp salad with shrimp we got on our previous trip up Hood Canal.  The second night I decided to go 'all in' per Texas Hold 'Em parlance and do the Louie!  I did not bring any crab home from our trip to the coast (bad fisherman, me) so I went to the local seafood market and bought a pound of fresh.  Sit down and prepare yourselves.........REAL fresh crab shelled is $34.99 a pound! Who cares....YOLO!  It is for Mom and my bride. 

Rolling chilled crab into mounds...
      This provides a brief history and the ingredients/recipe for Crab Louie.  Although I substituted Romaine, Arugula, and Spinach the rest remains per the original.   We also like a few spears of fresh steamed, yet crisp asparagus.

Building them plates
Diggin' that Louie
Life is good when Ricky is home...
      This proved to be a very good idea as the day I prepared this it was 104.  We enjoyed the air conditioning, each other's company, and dining on this delicious salad as well as the Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream for dessert.  In the end I'm just grateful that Mom never moved the couch in the living room.   

"Washington is gripped by crab-in-the-bucket syndrome.  And there's no cure in sight.  Put a single crab in an uncovered bucket and it will find a way to climb up and out on it's own.  Put a dozen crabs in a bucket and 11 will fight with all their might to pull down the striver who attempts to escape"  
Michelle Malkin
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  1. thanks for the recipe! I'm sure it's very dilicious!