Monday, April 14, 2014


     Welcome to Bucket List Item #3.  It seems nearly an age ago that Barb and I retired.  This winter has been so very long.  We haven't spent this much time together (24/7) in all the years we've been married.  This 6 month adventure will chronicle our trip from Michigan to Washington to Alaska and back.  Although we consider ourselves experienced RVers these past 10 years with several trips cross country as well as 'boondocking', this is our first trip of such magnitude.  This journey spans over 10,000 miles and contains an above average amount of logistical, economic, and maintenance considerations.  We planned this carefully through Internet research, recommendations, and the Milepost Travel Guide.  Hopefully we have stocked the nearly perfect "Alaska Pantry"; 2 freezers full of Vegetables, Italian Sausage, Whitefish, Haddock, Cottage Bacon, and Venison (you can find chicken and pork anywhere). We plan on being self-sufficient as long as possible. 
      We leave Michigan with our RV still winterized; it was only 2 weeks ago we needed to have a friend with a front loader to dig it out from nearly 2 foot of snow for us.  I have concerns that a trip this early will still encounter below freezing conditions which could cause major problems for us.  I have reserved camping spots enroute that either have frost free hookups or bath/shower facilities that are available.  Even packing clothes for this has been a challenge knowing that it will indeed get warmer with each passing week.  This first leg of our journey begins in Kalkaska, Michigan and travels westward to my mother's home in Tumwater, Washington. We will spend nights in Ironwood, MI, Fargo, ND, Glendive, MT, Limestone Canyon, MT, and Post Falls, ID on our route west.  For ease of operation we have 6 days of prepared dinner meals and breakfast in our fridge that should last us for the first week.  We will spend several days boondocking in Limestone Canyon, MT as we recoop, dewinterize the RV, and do a little relaxing and visiting old friends.  We also plan an extra day in Post Falls, ID to visit with my aunt, cousin, and her family that we have not seen in far too long.  Finally, our arrival at my mother's house will result in a nice visit as well as accomplish the inevitable "Sonny Do" list.  We will also visit with our children, grandchildren, several friends from high school as well as an old Air Force buddy.  We plan our departure to Alaska very near the middle of May. 
     So strap in and enjoy the ride.  Great destinations, unique experiences, costs/travel advice, great meals, restaurant/cafe reviews, and memories to last a lifetime.  Welcome to the next phase of our lives.