Friday, June 2, 2017

"Mr. Oyster, meet your biggest fan...."

      Mom's doctor's appointments have been coming along nicely so we thought we owed her a treat.  We brought back 2 dozen very nice small and medium Hamma Hamma Oysters from our sojourn to Hood Canal recently since I knew mom was 'jonesing' for them (She told me so on Facebook so it must be true).  I chose to buy them fresh yet already shucked in jars so we could refrigerate them till use.  This of course saves my hands from being slashed by my lack of skill with an oyster shucking knife.  Even better the RV fits nicely in the parking lot of the Hamma Hamma Seafood Company too! 
      We always ate them simply breaded and fried as kids growing up and that hasn't changed for us.  I used the medium oysters for this.  A little seasoning and some bread crumbs or flour, and off to the frying pan they go.  No egg wash is necessary.  I like to add Old Bay Seasoning to my flour as well as salt and pepper.  I fry them in about half an inch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for about a minute over per side over medium high heat.  I realize that even with these ingredients some 'Vegetarianveganfreespirit' here in Western Washington is cringing over their Kale and Tofu, but damn they are GOOD. 
Add a little tartar sauce and potato salad and the proof is in the pudding. 

      I also promised Mom I would make her Charbroiled Oysters as she had never tried them, but was intrigued.  For this I used the small oysters so as to create room for seasonings and toppings in the shell.  First of all this requires either a grill, fire pit, or broiler so we went with mom's oven broiler.  Normally I choose the melted garlic butter and Romano cheese topping, but decided to also try another recipe of 6 each as well.  12 oysters:  6 each, 2 different recipes.   My 'Go To' source of Charbroiled Oyster recipes is Schuck's Oyster House in Abbeyville, LA.
      I let Mom decide and she said we should go with the Candied (topped with feta, blue cheese, and sugar cane pepper glaze) Oysters.  I bought a set of ceramic oyster shells about a year ago and have used them twice.  They work very well and take a minimum of clean up after.  The real shells work very well, but when you can only get the oysters already shucked you can still have it your way.  I have charbroiled these both ways.....delicious. 
      You simply put the oysters in the shells and top with your choice of whatever.  Place them on the grill or in the broiler and then keep a close eye on them.  It doesn't take long.  When they are all simmering and bubbly after about a minute take the shells out and put them on a plate.  A friendly fork is all you need.  Serve with good garlic bread and a salad and life just doesn't get any better.  Mom liked the oysters, but preferred the traditional Garlic Butter Romano style.   
      Barb doesn't care for oysters much.  She'll eat them fried, but much rather preferred her "Go To" meal of Mac n Cheese tonight.  It's all good.  We love you anyway, babe.  You're still my sexy clam digger. 
"It can be exhausting eating a meal cooked by a man. With a woman it's HO HUM, pass the beans.  A guy, you have to act like he just built the Taj Mahal"
Deb Caletti 
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  1. I think I've finally figured out how to post a comment. I so enjoy your blog--especially the food parts. :-) This one was particularly wonderful as oysters are my fav food in the world! Thanks so much for the recipes...the best part? My hubs loathes oysters...more for moi! :-)