Thursday, November 28, 2013

The (Very Nearly) Perfect Thanksgiving

     This is the first Thanksgiving since our retirements and I can't think of a better reason to be thankful.  Barb and I have worked 42 years each in order to achieve this and still look forward to many more adventures ahead.  Unfortunately Barb is in Missouri visiting her family (which was long overdue) so it is just me, Dharma, and Bodhi.  I have not enjoyed bachelorhood as much as I used to, but did enjoy the opportunity to create and enjoy many "Man Cave" dishes that I alone appreciate the past couple of weeks.  Thanksgiving will be no different and the way I cook, there will surely be leftovers for Barb to appreciate when she returns. 
     I purchased a small 3 lb. Wrapped Turkey Roast which consists of both dark and white meat.  I roasted this the day before Thanksgiving so it could cool and I could slice it.  On Thanksgiving morning I placed a slice of turkey on a platter, lathered a layer of crawfish, olive, and pimento stuffing topped with another slice of turkey.  I repeated the process throughout the entire roast, finishing with a meal that resembled a Giant Turkey Crawfish Club Sandwich.  I topped it with gravy and roasted it another 40 minutes to finish it.  I served this with the remaining Crawfish Olive Pimento Stuffing and even more gravy with Cranberry Sauce on the side. 
     A platter of Cajun Thanksgiving, fire, football on the tube, a happy cat n' dog, and a glass of Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay.  I count my blessings this year, probably more than I ever have before.   Although we miss "Mommy" and can't wait for her return in a day or two Dharma, Bodhi, and I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!