Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheesy Chorizo Gnocchi Nachos

Photo courtesy of Chile Pepper Madness
      Barb and I got the opportunity to get away for a week while a close family friend kept an eye on Mom.  We headed up Hood Canal (western side of Puget Sound) and camped near Brinnon.  This is an area I have never had the opportunity to show my wife and a good time for a bit of a break for us.  What better place for a plate of Nachos on a beautiful, warm spring evening! 
      Our vision of Nachos has become all too familiar, although tasty they are nearly boring at times.  Recently I found a version that adds a delicious and filling twist........pasta.  Gnocchi is, simply put, a potato, flour, and egg dumpling.  Combine this with chorizo, green chiles, tomato, and some guacamole and voile.........comfort food. 
      Although the recipe can found here at one of my favorite pepper recipe sites:  I'm gonna walk through the steps, perhaps adding my own twist. 
      First boil a package of gnocchi according to package directions.  I found a pack of Gia Russa Mini Gnocchi that works well for this.  Heat a skillet (I prefer cast iron) to medium heat and add chorizo, browning. 
      Add chopped or sliced green chile peppers (I always use New Mexico #9s or any canned variety as long as they are fire roasted), cook for 6-7 minutes, stirring.  Add garlic (and I also add about 1 teaspoon of Adobo) and continue to simmer, now turning heat to med-low.  When gnocchi is done, drain and add to skillet with a bit of the pasta water. 
      Spread the cheese over the top.  In addition to shredded cheddar I sometimes add some shredded pepper jack, Monterey jack, Colby jack, or even Queso Blanco (white Mexican farm cheese) if you can find it.  Add the chopped tomato and fold in.  I made a different type of Feta Cheese Guacamole which is delicious.  When melted to perfection, serve with some of the guacamole on the side and either with tortilla chips or stuff in soft shell corn tortilla shells.   The gnocchi is a nice touch and still a spicy, tasty treat. 

"As Americans, we tend to look at Mexican food as Nachos, which is not Mexican food really-they don't eat them"
Anthony Bourdain
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