Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Home.....for awhile

      Plans as they often do are always subject to change.  It is said that God has a plan for everything and today was very much a part of it.  Barb and I have been visiting Mom for the past two weeks on our way to Alaska.  In fact we're supposed to leave tomorrow.  Mom has had labored breathing issues for the past couple of months and finally got in to see her doctor.  She has had several appointments since our arrival, including heart specialists, as well as an echocardiogram, and an outpatient procedure to drain nearly a half quart of fluid from her lungs.  In addition she has a fluttering heart valve.  They do want her so see a Pulmonary Specialist as well, but (and this is becoming a far too familiar story) about 80% of the local ones at Providence St. Peter Hospital have retired due to the catastrophe of our modern health care system.  She is on the waiting list for her case to be considered, but who knows how long that will take. 
      Don't misunderstand me, she is in decent shape for a woman of 89, but age has it's way of wearing down a person, especially their memory.  With Mom, short term memory is too quickly becoming a thing of the past.  We don't feel we can leave her at this time as there is no other family that can step in right away.  Mom does have a renter that is very reliable and will be there as well.  Barb and Mom have become pretty close over the past couple of years and she has really stepped in to be there for her.  Between Barb, me, and my next oldest sister we'll work this out.  So for now, our Alaska trip is being put on hold. 
      We've been to Alaska before and are probably just bumping our plans for a year.  Dad built an RV pad with complete hookups when he retired so we are loving 'moochdocking' at it's best.  We'll still get away for a week or so a couple of times this summer, but right now there is no set time for our departure.  She really needs the help and for us that's enough.  I was going to fish in Alaska, but I can fish here at Westport as well.  We also have several close friends from my school days here for any support we may need.
      So for now here we are, my hometown.  The blog will continue, but with an obvious twist of flavor.  I appreciate all the love and incoming prayers that will result from this, but believe me...Mom will be fine........and so will we. 

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