Friday, August 15, 2014

Venison Quesadillas in the Canadian Rockies

      I have prepared dozens of meals for Barb and I over the length of this trip including some new ones as well.  Many were delicious; some not so much.  Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore was a particular favorite.

     We brought two freezers full of meats and produce for our trip.  We whittled it down to one before our halibut fishing trip, but once again empty freezers are not the rule.  We are out of produce and have added some pork and chicken when we felt the need for a change of pace.  We shop for whatever fresh produce is available and plan accordingly.  Amazingly, we still have several pounds of venison left, including a very nice pack of venison tenderloins. 

     I seasoned the tenderloins with Montreal Steak Seasoning (a favorite of mine) and then pounded them out a bit.  Pounding out tenderloin may seem a bit overkill, but I am a creature of habit.  I then soaked them in buttermilk for 12 hours.  This usually results in ‘melt in your mouth’ tenderness. 


     I did not have my Quesadilla pan with me so I used a traditional cast iron frying pan.  First I warmed the corn tortillas (I prefer corn tortillas, less fat).   I place these on plates. 

     Then, I turn the heat up to high, add some extra virgin olive oil, (the only oil I cook with) and braise the venison tenderloins, sliced onions, and red bell pepper.  NOTE:  Venison is a very lean meat and does take long to cook.  I like the vegees crunchy-tender.


     When finished I arrange the meat and veggies on the tortilla and add a garnish of fresh, sliced avocado and tomatoes.  I like to top mine with cheese (either Chevre or Monterey Jack) and some Tabasco Chipotle…….Barb, not so much on the hot sauce, but she does like a dollop of sour cream.  Sometimes when making these for breakfast I even top it off with an over easy egg. 



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  1. Oh my...these look absolutely delicious - can you pop over and make me some? I wonder how they taste with venison. I also learned a new technique....marinating 12 hours with buttermilk....will that work with pork also?