Monday, August 18, 2014

The Lake Louise Heritage Railway Station

     There is a wide variety of places to dine when visiting the Lake Louise area.  This ranges from pizza to family dining, to bistros and pubs on up to and including the 5 Star Variety:  The Post Hotel, Deer Lodge, Baker Creek Lodge, Moraine Lake Lodge, and several within Chateau Lake Louise.   We always ‘pre-scout’ the area for possibilities, stopping in and viewing the menus prior to deciding.  Lake Louise is very much a French Canadian village with European styles, meaning their menus were usually posted outside to view and decide. 
     We decided on the Lake Louise Heritage Railway Station Restaurant.  This is the actual train station for Canadian Rail in the village as well as a very nice restaurant.  Located on the north outskirts of town, the entire facility has been renovated to the original log lodge style of old train station décor.  They offer contemporary Canadian Cuisine and pride themselves on their homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, made from their own Station Garden.  Patio seating is available.  There are also vintage railway dining cars available for private functions.
     The dining rooms have been remodeled to the time.   Everything is wood and the floors even creak. 
     The menu is quite diverse, offering the best in Canadian and Albertan Cuisine as well as daily specials.  You can order off the Ala Carte section or the Daily Pasta Special, the Daily Curry Special, or the Chef’s Special of the Day.  Prices vary accordingly.  Barb ordered the Albertan Pork Rib with Yam Fries and Fresh Asparagus (Ala Carte) and I ordered the Roasted Elk Sausage over Penne Pasta with Creamy Chardonnay Sauce (Daily Pasta). 
     Barb thoroughly enjoyed the Pork Rib.  It was glazed with a Peach Marmalade Sauce that was delicious.  The asparagus was crisp/tender.  I enjoyed the Pasta Special, but have never had an elk dish that I thought was cooked to perfection.  The Penne and sauce were perfect.  It was tasty, nonetheless.  Our waiter was excellent, always back to check on us. 
     I would easily describe our experience as large portions of great food at reasonable prices in a very comfortable, authentic atmosphere.  Our total came to right at $64 Canadian.  This is quite reasonable for the Lake Louise area.  We did not, however, try their famed Strawberry Rhubarb Pie as both Barb and I HATE rhubarb. 


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