Friday, May 27, 2016

Boondocking: A list of resources

Boondocking along the Pacific coast of Crescent City,

      I am sometimes asked as to the entire process of 'boondocking' and how to find information on it.  I have made plenty of blog entries as to places we've stayed, but maybe not provided as much information via online resources to this point.  I'm going to attempt to fix that.
  Snyder Hill (10 miles west of Tucson) FREE

      Let's get one thing straight:  BOONDOCKING IS CAMPING AT OFF THE GRID LOCATIONS OR PLACES WHERE THERE IS MINIMAL SERVICES AT MINIMUM PRICES......AND OFTEN FREE.  Because my wife and I qualify for Golden Access Passes we do get half off US National Parks and recreation areas, but for my purposes I qualify boondocking as any camping spot that is either free or no more than $7 per night.  You must be able to accept the fact that these places will not be fancy RV parks.  Often they are just open, leveled places in the forest, desert, or river bottoms.  Sometimes it's a Wal Mart or Cabelas Parking lot, sometimes it's a beautiful leveled off gravel area next to Kachemak Bay, AK or the Yellowstone River, MT.  I use so many of these resources on a regular basis to take advantage of other's experiences and try to update any posted or new information that I may find useful to others in the future.  The bottom line is that Barb and I save several thousand dollars a year taking advantage of such opportunities when available.

Tillamook Airport, OR.......4 nights for $10

      In order to fully take advantage of such an adventure you must be capable of providing your own power via solar, wind turbine, or a sufficient battery bank.  You must also provide your own water or have a source close by, either by transporting it by container or pumping it from local waterways with a means to purify it.  I would refer you to some of my earliest blog entries (2013) to view my set up.  Realize that I developed, modified, or copied my entire camping setup via information and advice I found from the following sources:

      This is the current list of resources I have to date, but I'm sure that through your own research you can find even more.  Please feel free to 'share back' with me.  Isn't that what this blog is all about? 

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find how far one can go"
                                                                            T.S. Elliot

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