Sunday, July 6, 2014

Talkeetna Road House

     I have to admit I had already heard about this place on the Food Network and yet wanted to try it out for myself.  The Talkeetna Road House  sits in the middle of town in a rather inauspicious building.  Originally built in 1917 this eatery is one of the only original businesses in town still in operation.  Not just for dining, they also offer several guest rooms, ranging from private to hostel-style, rustic cabins to the school teacher's apartment located above the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum. Bathrooms are "down the hall" in typical Roadhouse fashion, and even though a bathroom has been added to Trapper Johns Cabin, guests can still use its 5-Star outhouse.  These rooms include breakfast in the café or delivered to your room.

     Although they have a daily fresh baked bread and homemade soup schedule I chose to visit during breakfast hours.  Their breakfasts are very nearly legendary around these parts.  Seating here is 'family style' which you might end up dining with just about anybody from a fellow traveler to a local fisherman to someone fresh off climbing the mountain.  You have to appreciate their menu for it's simplicity.  You have two main choices:  BREAKFAST & NOT BREAKFAST, any questions? 

     Barb went with her customary half order of Biscuits and Gravy which still filled the plate.  I went with the Standard #1 Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes/Cheese, Thick Cut Pepper Bacon, and a Biscuit w/Gravy.  The food fills the plates and is intended for hearty appetites.  I enjoyed mine thoroughly, but Barb and I both agreed that the Biscuits and Gravy were very bland and required quite a bit of extra salt and pepper (and hot sauce on mine).  Our choice of OJ or Cranberry Juice was included as part of our breakfast in addition to my coffee.  The service was excellent. 

     Barb and I enjoyed the ambience and food here, but would go without the Biscuits and Gravy next time.  I'm thinking either one of their plate size sourdough pancakes or enormous plate size cinnamon, pecan, or raspberry breakfast rolls.


     Interestingly, the mobile Alaska Magazine and Milepost camper was visiting our campground for a ratings review and to book next year's advertisements as we arrived back in camp.  Our visit to Talkeetna was very enjoyable although we could have been just as happy here in only 3-4 days instead of a week.  On to Denali.....

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