Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mountain High Pizza Pie

     Where do you go for a bit after all the 4th of July festivities begin to die down?  Everyone in town had seemingly settled into their bar stools or chairs at their favorite bistro, micro-brewery, or sandwich shop for the evening.  Barb and I had planned to return to the RV to cook, but it was now over 80 and I just didn't feel like heating it up like an oven.  I spied several open outdoor tables at Mountain High Pizza Pie and so the decision was made.

     When we originally scouted out town this place was on our list for dinner, but got out voted as we just weren't in a 'pizza mood'.  But, I have to say that after having my meal here I had to share the experience.  We entered the building and were immediately told that if we would like to dine outside it would be much faster service. (Perhaps the World Cup game on the BIG FLAT SCREEN and a fully loaded bar was their first clue)  We found a table pretty quickly and the waitress was at our side almost immediately.  We got some rehydration to begin with as we perused the menu.  This place is strictly an artisan style pizza place, the menu is very eclectic.  You have two size choices:  individual and 15".  We both have grown fond of reindeer meat as we have had it several times now so Barb ordered the 'Game On' and I got the 'Gyro Pie'.  The Game On is a light marinara style with mozz and two types of reindeer;  pepperoni and sausage topped with cilantro.  The Gyro Pie is a white sauce style with reindeer pepperoni and topped with feta, oregano, lettuce, kalamata olives, and tzatziki sauce.

     We apparently had pretty good timing as the remaining seats filled and a line was beginning to form.  The pizzas do take a bit to make as we waited for about 40 minutes, but I did thoroughly enjoy my Alaskan Amber as we both relaxed and enjoyed the art of people watching. 

     We both ordered the individual size pizzas and I have to say we could have easily just split one.  They are pretty good size for 'individual'.  As couples do we both tried each others and I have to say that Barb's was a bit better than mine.  I found the topping of lettuce/tzatziki on mine to be a bit cumbersome to navigate from plate to mouth.  I finally ate it like a salad.  Barb's was generous meat and cheese with a spice I could not identify, but found delicious.  Being your typical artisan style pizzeria on the holidays the tab with drinks was about $30.  The service was EXCELLENT.  By the way the Holiday Special today was a Smoked Red Salmon, Blueberry, and White Sauce pizza.
     We left full, (Barb with her usual to go box) but quite satisfied with the experience.   As their sign our front says, "When in Rome do as the Romans do.  When in Talkeetna look for the purple pizzeria!"

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