Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Girl Gets Back In The Game

      When I met Barb she was also an avid hunter and fisherman, but as the years progressed she settled in with fishing.  She was always a good shot and her skill in bow hunting was just as impressive.  Recently, after a number of my retiree trips for bear, deer, and pig hunting Barb expressed an interest in once again 'joining the fray'.  I couldn't be happier.  
      The weapons I shoot are much larger than she would be comfortable with (7mm Rem Mag, 45 Long Colt, 45/70 Gov't.) so I spent some time with research.  I wanted a bolt action weapon (in my opinion the most accurate) in a caliber that she would be comfortable shooting.  After much research and talking with other friends I trust we decided on the 7mm-08 Remington.  An exceptional caliber for ballistics as well as a 'not too brutal' recoil.  This caliber would provide excellent ballistics out to several hundred yards as well as knockdown power for any and all game Barb would want to conquer.  The 150 grain Federal Power Shok Speer Bullet with Hot Cor technology pumps 2650 fps at 2350 flbs providing all the energy and knock power Barb will ever need.

      Even in light of all the recent CRAP involving Remington Barb chose to go with the Remington Model Seven in synthetic stock, stainless finish.  Weighing in at a 6 1/2 pounds it fit her very nicely.  We ordered this through Lake Effect Guns n Gear in Kalkaska, MI.  Next we would search for an appropriate scope in stainless finish to complete her rifle.
      We selected the scope in a Nikon Pro Staff 2.5 x 10 with rings and mounts.  Because we use our Cabela's card so much during the year we had accumulated enough bonus points to get the scope for $88 less.  Nice!  We had the scope mounted and bore sighted at Lake Effect Guns and Gear as well.  She sighted it in at our farm using the Caldwell Gun Sled.  As always the initial set up is a booger, but once completely adjusted she adapted.  It was a very hot morning to shoot and the rifle provided 'balls on tight groups' right out of the box. Our goal is .67" low at 25 yards which will put it dead on at 100 yards.  I wanted to sight the rifle on it's initial upward trajectory as it will continue to rise through zero and fall again within it at 100 yards, our site in target.  We finished up this morning at about 1 1/2" low.  It will take a bit more tuning.  There is never any hurry to get it right.  Finding accurate ballistic tables for this round online proved to be challenging, but Nikon provides a very helpful website that more than solved our problem. 

"Some people wait their entire lives to meet their hunting buddy....I married mine"  
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