Thursday, October 27, 2016

Naylamp Peruvian Restaurant Oklahoma City

        We moved away from Oklahoma City 19 years ago yet every time we return for a visit we are intrigued with the new growth, especially on he culinary scene.  This is a bit of a departure for us, but then retirement is all about the Joie de Vivre.  This place was recommended to me so this trip we decided to check it out.  LOVE trying new cuisines.   'Naylamp' is a relatively new Peruvian Restaurant in Oklahoma City.  In fact the one we visited was an expansion due to the overwhelming success of the original.  Raul and Samara Ramos opened their first establishment in Warr Acres, OK 2009.

      Peruvian culture is at the core of what the Ramoses had in mind for their restaurant. That's why many of Naylamp's weekend events revolve around traditional music and dance. On top of cultural appreciation parties, the new location also offers live music on Thursdays.  As for the food, Peruvian cuisine has and always will begin with potatoes. Peru is home to more than 3,800 potato varieties, and believe it or not every spud on Earth originated in the Andes.  With a coastline that runs the length of the country, Peru is also where ceviche was born. That's probably the nation's most popular dish and the one Peru is most known for, with good reason.  Every country in Latin America offers ceviche, but none can hold a candle to Peru. Naylamp keeps that tradition alive with its haute interpretation.
      Their menu is quite eclectic specializing in cuisine from throughout their native Peru.  They have outstanding, yet somewhat underrated seafood as well as broaster chicken.  Some of the other menu classics include Paella, Papa Relleno (twice baked potato), Bistek a lo Pobre (a simply seasoned skirt steak topped with a fried egg and served with sliced avocados and fried plantain wedges). Lomo saltado (featuring steak slices with tomato and onion, topped with french fries, and served over rice).                   Everything looked and smelled delicious.  After some thought Barb and I selected the Peruvian Sampler to split as our appetizer.   This was a mix of Yucca topped with Huancaina Cream Sauce , Causa Limena, and Empenada Beef along with a side of their Salsa Criolla.  It was delicious!  Admittedly the Yucca is better with added salt. 
      Barb selected the Lomo Saltado which is a marinated beef steak covered with seasoning, two eggs, and a side of rice, fries, and fried plantains.  She loved the dish, except that we both found our meals to be much more food than we anticipated........'to go box' was in order.  We drank water, but all the other drinks: soda, beer, and juice are authentic Peruvian. 
      I decided on the Jalea de Mariscos a deep - fried breaded calamari, shrimp, mussels, and fish seasoned in a mixture of spices accompanied by Salsa Criolla and fried yucca.  We did notice that most foods are topped with either pickled or spicy onions which adds a whole new dimension to the taste.  It was delicious. 
      It was an interesting and unique evening overall.  The food is delicious and the service very good.  This location is somewhat smaller as there are only 9 tables total.  One very good waitress handles it all.  This is a family run establishment.  Our tab for the evening was around $38, but well worth it for the amount of food you get.  They do have a Facebook presence at Naylamp Peruvian Restaurant South that you can visit as well. 

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay at home"

                                                                              James Michener

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