Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lambert's Cafe Sikeston, MO

      This place is already famous, having been featured on several media outlets including both the Food and Travel Channels.  In existence since 1942 Lambert's is the home to the famous "Throwed Rolls"....yeah, this would pique anybody's interest.  It is exactly as it order a meal, you get fresh rolls.......hand thrown to you!  In 1976, Norman Lambert, son of the founders and original owners, Earl and Agnes Lambert, threw the first roll. At the original location, he would walk around and hand out the rolls. One day it was really busy and when Norman couldn't get through the crowd, one of the customers yelled to him " Throw the D*** thing!". And with that the only HOME OF THROWED ROLLS was born.  We found Lambert's to be the home of 'SIMPLE DOWN HOME DELICIOUS GOOD COOKING'! 

Photo showing Norman Lambert throwing rolls in 1981.  He still throws about 200 dozen during the weekdays and over 300 dozen on the weekends. Photo courtesy of the Southeastern Missourian newspaper.

      Sikeston, Missouri is located on US 62 just a mile west from Interstate 55 in extreme Southeast Missouri, often referred to as the 'Bootheel'.  This is the area from which my wife hails, an area of flat, rich agricultural land used to plant and harvest cotton, soybeans, corn, rice, and winter wheat.  Folks here are as authentic as any you'll find anywhere on Earth.  They are hardworking, earnest, honest people who have no time for bullshit.  Lambert's is their restaurant.
      This is not some regional eclectic eatery.  Lambert's offers a simple menu served well.  You can order Chicken Fried Steak, Catfish, Chicken Gizzards, Livers, Polish Kraut, Ham, Steak, Ribs, Shrimp, Frog Legs, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken & Dumplings, Wings, and Roast Beef to many more selections including a children's menu.  In fact their fame now extends to 3 total restaurants:  Sikeston, MO, Ozark, MO, and Foley, AL. 

      The day we visited the line was out to the front door, but not to worry as they move it along pretty smoothly; we were seated within about 15 minutes.  Barb and I were a bit tardy in ordering our meal as everything looked and smelled so darn good!  We were graced with our first rolls within 2 minutes of being seated.  Barb decided on Polish Sausage and Kraut while I went with my personal favorite:  Fried Gizzards. 

      You not only get a choice of sides, but servers are constantly visiting the tables offering you Black Eye Peas, Fried Taters, Fried Okra, and Apple Jelly or Molasses for your throwed rolls.  Which, by the way come around about every 5 minutes.  Beware, cause as warm, aromatic, and delicious as these rolls are.........they don't leave you much room for dinner.  Barb loved her sausage and kraut, but my gizzards were only average.  The breading tasted like a combination of wheat flour and oatmeal and there was no seasoning.  Thank goodness for table salt.  The rest of the meal was delicious.  The service was incredible to say the least.  Our server, Tristan, was new to the job, but he was always within range whether we needed anything or not.  A good kid. 
      Meals range from $9.99 to $22.99 and kids meals 10 and under range from $5.99 to $7.49.  Lambert's does not take credit cards, but personal checks and cash are welcome.  There is an ATM in the lobby.

"We hope you come hungry, leave full, and hopefully have a laugh or two"
Norman Lambert 

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog with the Cajun Country post and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for adding us to your email list. We live in middle TN so we are adding Lambert's to our list of places we'd like to visit. Thanks for the thorough review! :-)

  2. First ate at Lambert's when they were a small operation in the early 80s. I had so much fun I brought my husband there in 2010 and couldn't believe how it had grown! Any time anyone heads in that direction, I send them to Lamberts.