Saturday, September 5, 2015

The SALAMMER! (Salami, Olive, Fried Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich)

       This is another in the considerable library of grilled cheese recipes from the Tillamook Cheese (Oregon) Website.  Although this cheese is not available in many locations in Michigan, if you ever have the chance to sample some I highly recommend it.  We have sampled several of the sandwich recipes from this site and found all to be tasty as well a delightful change of pace. 
       This one is pretty straight forward and simple:  Since I could not find Olive bread I used small Bolillo bread loaves and sliced the largest Spanish Olives I could find.  Although you can layer this anyway you choose I brushed the inside of the bread with Olive Oil and then layered Genoa Salami, Olives, Fried Egg, and finally Provolone Cheese.  Simply fry the sandwich as you would any grilled cheese and then serve with soup of choice.  We chose tomato soup.  This has a delicious Italian herbal taste that compliments any choice of soup.  The grilled cheese sandwich our Grandmothers used to make is  boring!  This one isn't.  Viva la difference...enjoy!  

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