Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Mind's Eye: Inspirationism

Cover Photo:  Crescent City, CA
  Inspirationism is defined as the belief in some form of divine inspiration.       

      I have enjoyed the art of photography for many years, peaking back in the mid 70s to late 80s when I was stationed overseas and could afford decent equipment.  I have always had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, but needed to learn the hardware aspect.  Now it's the new millennium and the equipment has once again been redefined.  The advent of the microprocessor in a DSLR format has opened doors for thousands, if not millions more folks to enjoy.  I decided to get back into the game after my last retirement and during the last two years have acquired not only two more cameras with all the gear I dreamed of, but a new partner as well.  Barb has been an eager and talented amateur as she has persevered not only the learning process, but the teacher as well.
       I had accumulated several dozen of what I consider to be quality photographs.  Most were taken with one of the two Nikons I own, one with my IPhone, and still another with an older Sony digital 2.3 MP camera I had back in the early 2000s.  The photo of Misery Bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is that picture, proving that two dozen megapixels is nothing without the mind's eye.  I was going to frame a couple of these for our home and RV, but decided to try the publishing route to see if there was any demand that I should try and go farther. 

      I paid for this project myself after having some success with Shutterfly and our Alaska Collection that I am using for Christmas gifts.  This collection is a 30 picture photo essay with inspirational quotes, poems, and funnies.  There are color and B/W photos of landscapes, wildlife, and even people.  It is not a large book, but it is a hard bound book that would make a nice addition to any coffee table.  This first shipment is quite small (a teaser?) and only a limited number are available.  I will sell them locally for $25 and for those needing shipping the cost will be $30.  A note:  anyone interested that I will be visiting with this fall/winter on our next trip can simply message me to save one and I will deliver it personally as we pass through.  For local folks I would prefer a message to this blog post or to me on Facebook.  I will deliver them to you personally.  I do have standing orders from 6 folks, both local and otherwise, but message me regardless to be sure.  I welcome this opportunity to share my work with you and welcome any and all criticism.  If this project meets with surprising demand then I have another publisher I will be contacting in Washington that can provide larger quantities for me at hopefully less cost. 

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