Saturday, April 25, 2015

Final Stats First Winter South

     Although we have been on the road since last October, perhaps this should more appropriately be called Final Stats since January 1st of this year.  Since January 1st we have been on the road 119 days throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and back to Michigan once again. 
      We have taken advantage of boondocking, and even moochdocking whenever available.  We utilized solar whenever possible.  In fact our newly installed truck solar panel setup significantly improved our off grid performance.  It not only added 230 watts of power through our Solar Controller to the truck mounted battery bank in camp when set tilted, but provided dependable, continual recharge power in the 'flat position' as well on travel days.  Generator recharge was not often utilized.
      We arrive home with many life changes, but nonetheless satisfied with our off grid setup so far.  We were on the road all 119 days this calendar year, 66 of which we boondocked.  Minus generator gas we saved $1887 out of a possible $3570; over half!  Again these boondocking stops are rarely primitive, lacking only air conditioning and microwave (without generator) on a 31 foot travel trailer.  A pretty fair deal.  We are home now, not necessarily eager, but ready to attack all the challenges that await us here at home as we rest and regroup this summer in beautiful Northwestern Michigan. 
      We look forward to once again starting out on the road this fall ready to seek new routes, new adventures, and all the new discoveries that we may find.    

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  1. Glad the canopy solar installation worked out well for you.