Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Crazy Norwegian's, Port Orford, Oregon

      Traveling up the Oregon coast looking to set up camp in our latest location, most restaurants don't offer many surprises.  It's always homecooked seafood, fresh seafood, and seafood cooked unusually.....or crappy pizza.  This was one of those days where we traveled and either didn't have anything planned, thawed out, or just plain forgot.  We were camping at Cape Blanco (5 days free as a veteran),  just 8 miles north of Port Orford and there were only three main restaurants online worthy of consideration.  I always put my faith on a good 'internet presence' and even a Facebook page to advertise.  Just sayin'....

      The Crazy Norwegian has a reputation for the best 'Fish n Chips' on the Oregon Coast and so it gets our nod.  This was only a 90 mile travel day so after setting up we relaxed, enjoyed 'Cocktail Hour' and then set out to feast.  The restaurant also gets 'high marks' from the locals even after it was taken over by new management.  We arrived just at the dinner hour and found plenty of room. 

      We were greeted by our server who presented us with several menus:  the regular menu, the new menu items the new owner wants to try out, and the Valentine's Day menu.  We opted for the regular as we already pretty much knew what we wanted.  They have a large selection of fresh local seafood meals, including chowder, steamer clams, crab, fish n chips, shrimp n chips, and many more.  I was a bit surprised to find that the fish n chips used Alaskan Cod rather than fresh caught local, but went with it anyway.  Good Cod is good fish.  I ordered the fish and chips while Barb (did not) stretch the limits of her palate and ordered a bacon cheeseburger.  (sorry, NO picture)
      The portions are generous and it was served piping hot.  The price for this dish:  $7.95  I do have to admit I don't know if it was the substitution of Alaskan Cod or the new owners recipe or what,  but good as it was only average.  In fact it was a bit dry and the breading lacked much seasoning.  The coleslaw and fries were very tasty.  I like crunchy coleslaw with some, but not drowning in, sauce.  The new owner did stop by our table several times once she saw me photographing.  We discussed our love of 'Food Porn' and 'Food-gasms'.  I was polite, complimented her, and told her I would post some pictures on her webpage for her. 
       On the owner's recommendation I did order a slice of fresh Oregon Marionberry Pie.  It was 'to die for'!  I get this every time I come home.  It would have been perfect accompanied by some Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream, but there was none to be found.  It was the perfect end to our experience.  At our age this is the 'Height of Romance' slice of pie, two forks.  I picked up the check. 

      Don't get me wrong, the food wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I expected.  I have had fish n chips many times and for a place rated #1 in Oregon....these were just 'ok'.  Barb did love her burger and our server was very good, we tipped her well regardless.  Part of the job of reviewing restaurants for this blog is honesty.  I am hoping that the next person comes along and finds this is the best damn fish they've ever had!  They were nice people and I wish them the best. 


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