Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Holy Grail of BBQ Part 3: Smitty's Market Lockhart, TX

     Here we are at Part 3 of the Lockhart Holy Grail BBQ Tour of Texas:  Smitty's Market.  This was the original home of Kreuz Market and it's founder for over 50 years until family squabbles forced a parting of the ways.  As the story was told to me, when the father and daughter settled their differences it included him taking the last coals out of the smoker, up the street, and into the current home of Kreuz Market where he kindled his next pit.  The original location was renamed Smitty's Market and here we are.  Although the main entrance is located a block off Colorado Street, most folks enter via the back door off the parking lot where you can whet your appetite by walking through the smoke pit area. 
      I actually heard the phrase "BBQ Mecca" among the folks in the parking lot when we arrived.  The aroma attacks you as soon as you cross the parking lot and enter the door.  Of course, this is the same aroma found nearly anywhere in Lockhart.  

      Once you navigate the pit room hallway you arrive at the butcher block where you order your feast.  Once again we chose a weeknight to avoid the crowds. 
 Barb ordered the Pork Spare Ribs (Smitty's doesn't do beef ribs) and I ordered the brisket and Sausage.  Just like Kreuz Market your meat is placed on several layers of butcher block paper with some bread.  BBQ sauce was offered as well.  Our meal came with bread and once we ordered sides, ice tea, and a cold beer our total came to $31. 
     Seating in the dining room is long cafeteria communal type tables which adds to the down home feel of a diner.  I have decided that slow smoked, concentrating on moisture and less smoke taste, is Texas BBQ.  Smitty's brisket is the best I have had to date.  A very nice crisp smoky outer bark with a delicious, moist inside.  The Pork Spare Ribs were good with a nice outer crust as well.  The mild Pork Sausage was the best I have ever had......crisp outside with a crunch to reach the tasty moist inside, delicious!  The BBQ sauce is once again a watery vinegar based blend.  The leftovers will get mine later tonight.  The coleslaw was a bit dry whereas the potato salad and pinto beans were good.  The service was excellent with a nice, young man who kept up with our every need including keeping our table bussed and free of our trash. 
     Texas Monthly only rated Smitty's a 3 on a scale of 1-5, but I would easily give them a 4.  Good brisket with great sausage and good ribs.  Maybe I should bottle and sell my own BBQ sauce here? 
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