Saturday, November 22, 2014

Smokin' Joes Rib Ranch

     There are literally dozens of places in Oklahoma on which to do reviews.  I had my choice of many different cuisines, but my heart is always on BBQ when we are here.  I had dinner at a franchised place our 2nd night here, but was not impressed.  It is hard to get excited about your meal when they are weighing the portions in front of you.  This local place was recommended to us by someone at the campground.  We were not disappointed. 

     Smokin' Joes Rib Ranch is in the little town of Rush Springs, OK.  We arrived at a little before lunch time and were followed within minutes by many more workers and locals alike.  The interior is nothing fancy: small town flavor with large roomy tables and walls adorned with many different signs of the past.  The napkin of choice is always my favorite:  a roll of paper towels per table.   Good BBQ requires this. 

      The fare here is typical southern BBQ:  Brisket, Ribs, Hot Links, Polish Sausage, Chicken, Pulled Pork, and a variety of sides.  I am told that their 14 oz. rib eye steak is as good as there is available. 

     The lady who met us at the door knew were 'first timers' so she suggested we share the 3 meat platter with 2 sides and Texas Toast.  With 2 sweet teas, total:  $17.95.  You have a seat with your tea and they bring you the feast.  The meal arrived on 2 trays covered with paper and 2 pieces each of hot links, polish sausage, and 4 ribs as well as our chosen sides of Texas Toast, coleslaw, and okra.  No sooner had we begun to 'dig in', than the lights went off for a few minutes due to a local power surge.  I tried to 'chalk it up' to the extra ambience I ordered, but Barb wasn't buying that.  

     The waitress checked back on us often, refilling our tea and asking us our opinions of the meal. The service was always friendly.  She really cared that we enjoyed our meal, treated us like family.   The portions were large with excellent food smoked to perfection, especially the ribs that were easily pulled off the bone with great darkened bark, but always tender and mouth watering flavor.  They offered two BBQ sauces: mild and hot.  I tried both, delicious.  To be honest with you I could have easily eaten this meal without any sauce at all, the mark of truly great BBQ.  The okra and coleslaw were excellent as well.  The meal was a great recommendation, just enough for the both of us at a price that I considered very fair.  Smokin' Joes, in Rush Springs, OK. about 65 miles SW of Oklahoma City....we'll be back!  I might have to try that Rib Eye Steak...

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  1. Thanks, I'm hungry now! Looks good!