Monday, August 26, 2013

American Brittany Rescue


     I have had Brittany Spaniels in my life for 40 years now.  From my first pup where I learned who is the trainer and who is the trainee to many quail, pheasant, and grouse shot over them to running a breeding and training kennel in Oklahoma City for 13 years they have always been a big part of my life.  We eventually disbanded the kennel operation when we moved to Michigan.  We brought our pup Britt with us who now enjoys a 'forever resting place' on our farm.  We also are the proud parents of 11 year old Dharma, who like all the other Britts I have known, has personality all her own.  Like so many others, our pets are our children, a part of the family. 
     I became familiar with the ABR a few years back and decided I wanted to be a volunteer part whenever and wherever I could upon retirement.  I wanted to help save as any abandoned, lost, or unwanted Britts as possible as well as help others enjoy the lifelong campanionship of a great friend.  I have volunteered for several transports and recently completed my first prospective adoption home inspection.  We intend to provide transport cross country as much as possible during our retirement as well.  The ABR has many great fundraisers and ways to help if anyone is interested.  The link is posted with their logo above. 

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