Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spiessbraten on the AusPit

     Never let it be said that I didn't want to create exceptional meals even when camping.  This trip is no exception.  This recipe utilized our AusPit Rotisserie and the best of German Cuisine.  The AusPit http://www.auspitbbq.com/ is a wonderful camping tool; simple to set up anywhere and battery powered off a single D cell that will last up to 90 hours!  It allows me to cook over wood, in this case maple, which is the best of all possible flavors.  This recipe is courtesy of Steven Raichlen's Primal Grill Website http://www.primalgrill.org/recipe_details.asp?RecipeID=160&EpisodeID=38  It consists of a single Pork Tenderloin butterflied, inside wiped with chopped garlic, and stuffed with sliced onion. In addition I added Turkey Pepperoni slices and several slices of Provolone Cheese and seasoned the outside with Ground Cloves.  Tie shut tightly with butcher's twine.  Skewered over the wood fire for about 3 hours. Serve to grateful wife after a hard day at work returning to camp;  voila! 

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  1. Howdy, neighbor from Watford, ND. Your tenderloin looks inviting, however, I guess we'll have to settle for some grain-fed, grilled steak out here on the range. (<: Heading to Medora and Teddy Roosevelt Badlands area tomorrow. Enjoying the road and our r-pod camping experiences immensely. Always meet such interesting people. Enjoy hearing their stories. Will be heading to Hamilton, MT and then up to Calgary, Alberta to pick up our daughter, Errin, next Saturday. Life is good. Nice blog you have here. Keep in touch. Ann & Larry