Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The View from Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was a term coined back in the 1840s to explain the measures and hard work by settlers to achieve their westward expansion.  This was their belief, the very mantra by which they looked at each and every day of their lives. As such I have lived my life very much how I was raised.  You work hard, save, learn from your mistakes, and in time all you want can be achievable.  In time.....this phrase seems to have manifested itself over the years as well.  As I reach the end of my second career I find myself so very grateful to be able to reap the fruits of all that Barb and I have worked for.  I find myself at times sympathizing with my younger colleagues just starting out how tough it is, how they can't have all they want now, and why life is so unfair.  In all fairness I look at the nearly 42+ years we have worked to get where we are now.  We have a lot to show for it and with my 60th birthday and retirement looming I feel only pride and satisfaction for what I feel is a job well done.  I also realize that I have been lucky; lucky to grow up in a good family, serve my country, find the right woman, be the father of fine children and grandchildren, live through far too many mistakes, and finish up in a career I have truly loved, teaching.  I look forward to the next journey: traveling, exploring the country, and enjoying my time with my bride and many of our favorite pastimes. This blog is dedicated to just that.  Life and all that it can be is achievable.  All it takes is hard work and perserverance.  Joie De Vivre.....don't waste it, live it. 

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  1. Through your inspiration,we have been inspired to create a similar site when "our time comes" in approx 5 years. We will call it Gulf Coast Gumbo...featuring, fishing trips in around the waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. There will also be golf adventures, travels and, of course, cooking. Just wanted to give you guys praise for running the race and finishing near the head of the pack...bravo guys. You two are a rare pair...never change:)